Veterinarians highly recommend keeping your pet on his or her normal diet during the holiday season. Pets can easily get upset stomachs when owners offer food other than their pet’s normal diet, with symptoms ranging from vomiting, diarrhea, toxicity, foreign bodies, and pancreatitis. However, if you desire to share food with your furry friend during Thanksgiving, here are some tips:

1)      Turkey is a good lean protein for pets as long as there is no skin or fat included. Do not offer your pet any type of bones.
2)      No onions, garlic, leeks, or scallions because this can lead to toxic anemia.
3)      Mashed potatoes are okay to give as long as they are plain with no other ingredients. This means no gravy, cheese, sour cream, butter, onions, garlic, etc.
4)      No grapes or raisins due to the highly toxic effect on pets.
5)      Low Sugar Cranberry sauce is okay to give to your pet as long as it is a small amount.
6)      No xylitol – an artificial sweetener used in many candies
7)      Plain macaroni is a good treat for pets.
8)      Plain green beans are an excellent vegetable to share with them!

Make sure you are always covering your trash can and tie up the garbage bag once you are finished. Immediately take out the trash to avoid your pet ripping the bag open and getting into dangerous foods. If you have any questions or your pet needs medical attention please feel free to call Sully Animal Hospital at 703-956-6290.

Important numbers:

Pet Poison Control Center

Prince William Emergency Veterinary Clinic (Fairfax County) – After hours
8610 Centreville Road
Manassas, VA 20110


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