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Don't Eat That! : Mushroom Toxicity in dogs

Due to a natural instinct for scavenging and adventure, dogs can be known to find and ingest a plethora of foreign materials while out and about with their humans.  While some of these items can be worrisome but harmless when consumed, our little ones are also at risk of finding things that can be dangerous, harmful, or toxic. Some can be rare and difficult for our pups to sniff out, but others, like some wild mushrooms, are extraordinarily common in Northern Virginia, and pose a threat to them daily. 

     Mushroom toxicity and poisoning are ailments that have been reported recently in our local area. Unfortunately, some of these pups have had fatal reactions after ingesting the deadly fungi; One of them being a regular patient of our SAH family. Losing our little ones, especially to unexpected events of toxicity, can be difficult and painful; but we hope to provide helpful information and educational material that will help our parents to develop tools to avoid these toxins, ide…

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